Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges:

A Conference on Menstrual Equity

Social, cultural, and religious taboos surrounding menstruation have a detrimental impact on women’s lives. Purple Feminists Group recognizes the importance of menstrual justice, which ensures equal access to menstrual products, education, and reproductive care for all women, regardless of socioeconomic status, age, or geographical location. Menstrual justice also emphasizes the normalization of menstruation within communities, promoting human dignity.

In line with these issues, Purple Feminists Group is proud to launch the Menstrual Justice Conference. The conference aims to facilitate panel discussions, concurrent workshops, and interactive activities that explore the intersection between menstrual equity, gender equality, and women’s empowerment. These engaging sessions will equip participants with practical skills and knowledge to advance menstrual justice within their communities and recognize the role of menstrual justice in achieving broader social and gender justice goals. Participants will also gain insight into the importance of sustainable menstrual products, which directly impact menstrual health, hygiene, education, and socioeconomic status.

The Menstrual Justice Conference provides a platform for participants to network, share experiences, and exchange resources related to menstrual justice. Taking place on October 14-15, the conference empowers participants to discuss challenges in achieving menstrual equity and advocate for the rights of menstruators, with support from guest speakers. Additionally, sub-workshop sessions will delve into topics such as menstrual education, sanitation, policy advocacy, and legal frameworks. As the conference concludes, participants will be encouraged to promote feminist literature in the local language and amplify women’s and girls’ voices through podcasts and artwork.

The Menstrual Justice Conference offers a unique opportunity to foster dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among individuals passionate about menstrual justice. By coming together, we can work towards a world where menstrual equity is realized, and women’s rights and well-being are upheld.




Date          : 14th, 15th October

Time          : 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM (MM Time)

Venue        : Zoom Platform

Entry fees : Free event with required registration

Please RSVP by 11:59 PM, Oct 10 (MM Time).

1. Who can participate in this conference?
To promote inclusivity, the conference welcomes anyone who is interested in learning about menstrual education and health.
2. Is there any age limitation to take part in this conference?
There is no age limitation, which means individuals of all ages can participate.
3. Can I participate if I am a foreigner?
This conference is not limited to the locals only. Anyone who is interested in the Menstrual Justice topic is welcome to participate in the conference.
4. How can I participate if I don’t speak the local language?
Simultaneous translations will be provided in both Burmese and English languages throughout the conference for speakers and participants.
5. Is there any way for people with disabilities to participate in the conference?
A sign language interpreter is available to ensure accessibility for all participants with many different forms.
6. How do I register for the conference?
Please click here and complete the form and we will send you the invitation for the conference.
7. Is there any allowance for the participants?
Regrettably, we are unable to provide any financial allowances or stipends at this time due to funding limitations. Your attendance and engagement, however, are highly valued, and we hope that the knowledge and connections you gain from the conference will be valuable to you in your pursuits for Menstrual Justice.
8. Will the participants be provided with a certificate for the attendance?
Certificates for participants will only be provided upon the record of the survey form at the end of the conference.
9. Are there any guidelines for participants' behaviors or engagement?
Yes, we will share the guidelines for participants on the conference day with the facilitators.
10. Who are the keynote speakers and presenters?
There will be one keynote speaker for each day: Day 1, Ma Nandar, and Day 2, Radha Paudel. And we will have three workshops where you can join as you need.
11. Will there be opportunities for networking and Q&As?
In each of our panel discussions and workshops, we allocated time for participants' questions. So, there will definitely be time for Q&As. As for networking, please join our Feminists Club to stay connected with our speakers and participants.